Harvestman – a Slow Crawler Daddy Longlegs

Post on July 19, 2012 BugsMacro


First time i’ve seen this creature, a close relative of spider, has 8 legs and much longer. On the move, it’s a moon-walker likes an assassin wheeled bug, crawl step-by-step and will stop periodically if you spook or touch it. It has one pair of eyes on top of a little knob but fear not, this guy has no venom glands like spiders.

  • Canon, EOS 1D Mark IV
  • MP-E 65mm F2.8 1-5x Macro
  • ISO 100, 0.5s, F16 ,65mm
  • Farmers Branch, Texas
  • June 24, 2012
Harvestman - a Slow Crawler Daddy Longlegs

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