Portrait of a Bobcat

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This is a wild Bobcat taken behind Los Colinas Medical Center before the development of highrise. I’ve also seen another wondered during the construction. This beautiful cat hid behind thorns and tree waited for me to leave while I stood behind wire bark, patiently bide for sunset and angle shooting though thick wood.

  • Canon, EOS 1D Mark II N
  • EF 500mm F4L IS USM
  • ISO 800, 1/200s, F5.6 ,700mm
  • Los Colinas, Texas
  • January 28, 2007
Portrait of a Bobcat

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Comments and Discussions

  • Michael Hampton

    Wow, I work right across the street from there.  I really should keep my eyes open better.  Great shot.

  • birdmans

     Thanks for the kind words. I hardly go there anymore. Too many highrise. I got lucky!. :)