The Crack of Subway, Zion National Park

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The Left Fork Crack of Subway is perhaps one of my favorite spot at Zion National Park though the journey is long and strenuous. Getting there, you start with a nice 1/2 miles walk from the trailhead then a very steep (450 feet) vertical descent to the Left Fork of North Creek. There’s no visible trail once you reach the creek. Turn left and head upstream, follow the water and footprints, you wouldn’t get lost. The entire journey is about 5 hours (9.5 miles) if you hike fast, but with backpack, tripod and whatno, you are looking at 6-7 hours. It’s physically challenged for a casual hiker like me despite in good shape. You will be hiking, wading, scrambling up and over boulders, river banks and bushwhacking for four miles each way. After a long day, you have to deal with the steep ascend on the way back. That part got me, i think i made a stop every 20 steps or so. That’s what happen when you ran out of water!

Start early, get to the chute before noon otherwise you have to deal with strong reflection from the wall difficult to get rid off even with a circular filter. Also, on your way up, pick up some colorful fall leaves and put them in a bag. You will need it for the crack.

  • Canon, EOS 5D Mark II
  • EF 16-35mm L USM
  • ISO 50, 6s, F22 ,35mm
  • Zion National Park, Utah
  • October 29, 2012
The Crack of Subway, Zion National Park

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