Fledged Barred Owl – White Rock Lake

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Revisit the Barred Owl family at White Rock Lake since i lost contact with them vocally in 3 straight days – That was more than a week ago. As usual, i waited and heard the fledglings high pitch hiss and decided to stayed but nothing happened until night set it.

Another evening wasted but it’s good to know they are still around!

I returned the next evening and this time the adult hooted earlier than usual. Voila, that’s the get-out-of-bed “vocal” for the kids! They will either get out in open area or go further in the wood, and i was great they chose the former.

There! All three are still accounted for and they flew out of deep wood to open space after the parent call but it’s still too high for my taste. I kept my composure, be still and let them settling down. Eventually one of them moved to a better perch at eye-level and start the hunting routine. This is where you approach them when they disregard your presence and focus on the hunt.

This fledged barred owl is about 9-10 weeks old.

  • Canon, EOS 1D Mark IV
  • EF 500mm F4L IS USM
  • ISO 1600, 1/50, F4.0 ,500mm
  • White Rock Lake, Dallas Texas
  • June 06, 2014
barred owl fledgling

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  • Liz Mosby

    How precious! My mother inlaw has a pair of barred owls that come and have babies every spring in a huge nest in the pine tree in their front yard. For two years straight they had babies fall out.. The first year, we kept an eye and made sure the baby got back to the momma, and he started flying very shortly after.. This past spring we had one fall way earlier, he was still very young, all down feathers.. So we kept him in the front yard in a tree where the mom and dad could keep an eye on him.. Eventually his sibling fell out of the nest too.. We could tell the difference because the one we called Hooty was a little bigger, and fatter, and he always called to us, in that high pitch call when we talked to him.. After they learned to fly, we could find them in the trees across the street, or in the wooded area at the end of the street.. Hooty always called to us, from no matter where he was, every time we called for him.. It wasn’t until this past two weeks, he finally has taken off with his family too far off into the woods for us to hear him.. But I just love how they come back every year, and how they recognize us, our faces and voices.. Only Hooty would call back to us, the other baby and parents would watch us, and the parents would hoot and flare up if we got too close.. But Hooty knew us, and we love him dearly.. We are so happy he is out on his own, but we miss him.. We can’t wait for next spring to see the next batch of babies!!